What are the common causes of trip and fall accidents?

The most common client that walks in our door involves tripping and falling over uneven concrete of some sort. Sometimes that’s a sidewalk where you have uneven pavers. Sometimes that’s a parking stop. We had a client once where the parking stop fell over when the client stood on top of it to then walk into an establishment. Also with concrete especially in Florida, where we have all these landscaping, beautification projects, sometimes you have roots and I know we’ve all seen it. Roots that come up through the concrete that causes our clients to slip or trip. Less common, but examples of also cases in our office. We had a water hose running across a dock at a marina.

We’ve had of course your common pothole type injuries. Then we’ve also seen scenarios where our clients were walking in the grass and the grass was overgrown, it was not properly tended to, and there were holes in the ground that our client tripped and fell in.

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