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Dog Bites, Dog Attacks, and other types of Animal Attacks can not only be terrifying experiences, they can result in serious injuries. Not only can these attacks leave lasting physical injuries such as scars, then can leave lasting emotional injuries as well from such a traumatic experience. Dog bites generally happen in the most unexpected times, while taking a walk, visiting a friend or neighbor’s house, or even just playing in your own front yard.

If you or a loved one is the unfortunate victim of a dog bite or dog attack, attorney Steve Thompson and attorney Stephanie Taylor of Thompson Legal, P.A. can help. We can make a claim on your behalf against the negligent party and pursue all the legal remedies at your disposal. In today’s day and age, many homeowner insurance policies have “Dog Bite Exclusions” that do not provide coverage for someone bitten by a dog. Whether there is insurance to cover a claim or not, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to explore all potential avenues of recovery, and to aggressively pursue a claim.

Children are especially susceptible to dog attacks, as they are lower to the dogs eyesight level, are generally more active and spontaneous than adults, and many times, certain dogs are not used to being around children. Some ways to help protect children from being the victim of a dog attack are:

  • Keep dogs who are not familiar with your child secured;
  • Never have children approach a dog without adult supervision;
  • Never have children eat food while walking around dogs;
  • Do not allow children to approach strange dogs;
  • Don’t disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating, or caring for puppies.

If a claim cannot be successfully negotiated to settlement, the personal injury attorneys at Thompson Legal can file a lawsuit on your behalf and litigate against the negligent at-fault party in an attempt to obtain a money judgment in your favor. At Thompson Legal, P.A., we pride ourselves on being aggressive litigation attorneys. Not all personal injury attorneys regularly go to Court, and for tricky cases like dog bites, dog attacks, and other animal attacks, you need an aggressive personal injury attorney to fight on your behalf, and obtain the best recovery possible.

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