Tenant Evictions

Most of Thompson Legal, P.A.’s clients experience renting an apartment or a home, and our Attorneys can assist with rental lease agreements and any legal issues that arise when renting a property. Tenant eviction is the most common lawsuit between a landlord and tenant which occurs with both residential properties and commercial properties.

Can I be evicted for failure to pay rent?

Not paying or not timely paying rent to your landlord is the most common reason for tenant eviction. Even if you are facing a difficult financial situation which causes you to fall behind on paying rent, don’t ignore your obligation to pay rent. Speak to your landlord to explore a resolution without a 3-day eviction notice or going to Court. Sometimes a landlord will work with you which may give you the extra time needed to get your finances back on track.

If you cannot resolve a problem with your landlord, then it’s time to call Attorney Stephanie Taylor or Attorney Steve Thompson of Thompson Legal, P.A. for a free consult.

Can you fight an eviction?

To fight an eviction, you need an attorney experienced in landlord-tenant law. Some landlords will improperly try to evict a tenant using self-help tactics such as locking you out of the residence, taking your possessions, or cutting off utilities. If you are dealing with circumstances like this, you need to call our attorneys to ensure all of your legal rights are protected.

Our attorneys are well-versed in the procedural aspects of tenant eviction ranging from receipt of legal sufficient notices mandated by Florida law as well as how landlord-tenant law in Florida is argued in Court.

Being evicted from your home is stressful and it can completely upset your life. Call 954-510-3366 to consult with our attorneys to help when facing an eviction. Our skilled lawyers will help you understand your options and the best way to move forward.

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