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If you are a provider of medical services, and billing the personal injury protection (PIP) portion of your client’s auto insurance policy is part of your practice, then you are well aware of the difficulties that insurance companies can provide to you.  I know that receiving timely payments for the valuable medical services you have provided is critical to your practice.

Time and time again, insurance companies, as a matter of course of business, deny properly submitted claims, restricting cash flow and hurting the medical providers that provide critical medical services.  However, it is important to know that medical providers have rights under Florida’s PIP Law, and should use the protections afforded in the PIP law to their advantage.

Thompson Legal can evaluate your problem files, help you implement proper billing procedures, and increase your cash flow by aggressively pursing PIP claims, making the insurance companies pay interest and penalties, and putting them on notice that you will protect yourself and make them pay should they not properly pay your claims.

If your CPT Codes are being underpaid, paid untimely, or going unpaid at all, it may be time for you to discuss your PIP files with an attorney who will take action on your behalf.

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