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Do you have a case?

A life without any injury would be nothing short of an amazing stroke of luck. However, unfortunately, most of us come to suffer harm at some point – occasionally as a direct result of someone else’s negligence.

Thankfully, the legal system provides a way for you to be made whole should you be injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, by finding the negligent party responsible.

A civil lawsuit can help provide the support one needs when suffering the repercussions of an accident where liability exists on someone else. But how do you know if you can recover?

Thompson Legal can help guide you on what to do should you or a loved one suffer a personal injury as the result of someone else’s disregard.

Were you hurt?

Your damages can present themselves in several ways. Bodily harm, psychological trauma, financial burden, are all examples of damages. If your injuries caused you any damage, then it’s time to evaluate your case further. You should consider how you’ve been affected and speak with an attorney about how we can help you recover for the damages you have sustained.

Also, it’s worth considering that you may be helping prevent whatever occurred from happening again in the future to someone else.

Was it because of negligence?

If you have sustained some damages, it then needs to be determined whether these damages were the cause of someone else’s negligence. There may be one, or multiple people or entities that could be responsible for your injuries. However, if the fault is your own, or if we cannot determine who the at-fault party is, there is no defendant, and therefore no case.

Did you slip in a store because of a spill that the store knew of or should have known about? Was your child bitten by a leash-less dog? Were you in an accident because someone sped through a stop sign? A personal injury attorney can help you identify the potential at-fault parties.

Can it be proven?

There are a variety of ways to prove liability. Evidence can come in various forms such as witnesses, physical proof, expert testimony, etc. Although some evidence is obvious, an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to discuss the legal strategy with you that will be used to establish liability.

Can an attorney help you?

Whether liability and evidence are clear or obscure, lawyers will help navigate the murky seas of the law. Those unfamiliar with how to litigate will have a much harder time providing their case as they are unfamiliar with how a lawsuit should proceed, how to answer the adverse party’s discovery questions, how to prepare for a deposition, best strategies at mediation, and how to argue at trial.

Attorneys are essential to your case and can help negotiate settlements if possible or bring the case into litigation by filing a lawsuit. Once a lawsuit is filed, it’s likely the defendant has representation also. A lawsuit demands practice in these matters with a professional who can see the issues objectively and establish the best legal strategy for your case.

Should you settle or go to trial?

No matter where you are at in the claim process, the option to settle may always be presented, whether it is the day of your accident, or in the middle of trial. In the event that you are unable to come to an agreeable settlement throughout litigation, it is important to hire an attorney who has trial experience and is willing to take your case through a trial. Many personal injury attorneys do not go to trial, some do not even file lawsuits, they only negotiate settlements pre-suit.

Your lawyer will assist you in determining the best option, but ultimately, it’s up to you. If you’re satisfied with what the other party is offering to make up for their negligence, you may wish to avoid the stress of going to court. The fact is no one likes to stand in front of a judge unless they’re paid, so if you’re compensated adequately without the hassle, some people elect to close out their case.

What happens if I go to trial?

At the conclusion of a trial, a jury will decide whether the other party is liable to you and if so, will determine how much you should be awarded in damages. This is where an experienced personal injury litigator is worth his or her weight in gold.

Trials can be lengthy, going on multiple days. Ultimately, our office has found that the most patient plaintiffs who are willing to fight, generally get the best results.

Now what?

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