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Accidents like slip and falls usually happen when you least expect them, and may have life-changing consequences,.  While injuries from slip and falls may sometimes only result in bruises and scrapes, they can also cause very serious permanent injuries. These injuries may include broken bones, concussions, spinal damage, chipped or broken teeth, and scarring.  Slip and falls are also a common cause of brain injuries and hip fractures.  Statistics show about one million slip and fall accidents occur nationally each year, and if you have to go to a hospital as the result of your fall, the average hospital bill is over $30,000.00, and may only be for relatively minor injuries.

You may ask yourself, “How much is my claim worth?”

On average, someone involved in a slip and fall accident misses 11 days of work, and many people end up missing much more than that depending on the seriousness of their injuries.  How will you deal without earning income for two weeks or more? Unfortunately, if you’re like many people, even missing a couple of weeks will be hard to cover with savings, and trying to regain financial stability after a few months without income might seem impossible.  If you have a valid claim, you need an attorney to help you recover the income you’ve missed.

With that said, loss of income is a “damage” that you have sustained, and only a small portion of what you may be able to recover.  Other damages that you have likely incurred are:

  • medical bills;
  • pain and suffering;
  • future medical bills for continued treatment;
  • future pain and suffering you will continue to incur; and
  • loss of future earnings if you cannot perform at your job the same way as you were prior to the slip and fall.

A skilled and experienced attorney can determine what type of damages you have sustained, advise you, and present your case to the insurance company and the Court in a way that allows you a full and complete recovery of all of your damages.

What should I do to increase my chances of a fair settlement?

Preserving key evidence of the slip and fall is critical.  Photographs are incredibly helpful in proving your claim.  Witness statements can corroborate your version of the events and condition of the premises that lead to a slip and fall.  There is a big difference in a case that has photographs of the accident and a corroborating witness than a case with no photographs and no witness.  Absolutely critical to being able to make claim to anything is good records.  Your employer will be able to provide you with the necessary documentation to establish your loss of income

The extent and type of treatment you receive after a slip and fall injury is the most relied upon evidence by an insurance company, the Court, and a jury or the damages you have sustained.  This is why it is critical that your doctors document all of your injuries and all of the treatment that you go through.  Seeing a doctor immediately after you experience injuries from a slip and fall will result in more accurate records of your injures as well as proof that you were injured as the result of the slip and fall.  Even if you think you’ll be fine, you may still wish to seek medical attention so that your injuries are documented and you give yourself the best chance of a 100% recovery. Keep any and all documentation provided to you by the hospital or clinic you visit and keep your own detailed notes regarding treatment, symptoms, and doctor’s appointments.  All medical records are critical for your personal injury attorney to use to help you get the biggest recovery possible.

Will I have to go through a trial to receive compensation?

Some people with valid claims do not pursue their claims because they are afraid of the legal process.  However, with an experienced personal injury attorney from Thompson Legal, P.A., you will be guided through the process and represented in a way that is sympathetic and compassionate to your situation.  The vast majority of cases do not go to trial, however, in order to obtain the best recovery, you need a personal injury attorney who is willing to file a lawsuit, litigate the issues in Court, and push the Defendants to the limit until they are willing to provide you with a fair settlement.  And if they are not willing to fairly settle your claim, you need an attorney who is willing to take your case to trial.  Unfortunately, there are many, many, personal injury attorneys who not only don’t take cases to trial, they do not even litigate their cases.  The insurance companies know who these attorneys are, and because they know they will not be litigated against, they offer the lowest settlements on these types of cases.

For experienced and professional legal representation for the injuries you sustain in a slip and fall case, call the attorneys at Thompson Legal, P.A. for an evaluation of your case.

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