How much does it cost to hire a foreclosure attorney?

The short answer and the answer that no one probably wants to hear is, it depends. I will tell you that within our office, for someone who wants to retain their property and work out some amicable resolutions with the bank, we charge a monthly flat rate. We take into consideration different variables in the property.

For example, how much were you paying on your mortgage? What other alternatives are we going to be seeking outside of the courthouse? We always make sure that the dollar figure that we’re quoting to our clients makes sense for them.

We want it to be reasonable because most of our clients are in financial hardship of some extent. I will caution clients out there, if you get a deal from an attorney that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t forget that you’re paying for the value. Here we fight everything inside the courthouse and outside the courthouse. We’re not afraid to go to trial and fight the big banks.

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