You’re in an Auto Accident – What you do next matters

In a recent study, the American Automobile Association (AAA) stated that Americans spend an average of 17,600 minutes driving each year. Considering this time on the road, even safe and smart drivers might experience an accident at some point.  Unfortunately, even small fender benders can be traumatic, and can have long lasting negative effects on your body. Luckily, there are layers of support, from first responders to experienced and compassionate legal care from attorneys who specialize in auto accidents, who will help you through the process and get you on the road to recovery. Here are some steps to take immediately after an auto accident to help you move forward with your life as quickly as possible after an auto accident.

Call for Help

First, assess if you, any of your passengers, or anyone in the other vehicle(s) are hurt. Calling 911 immediately will get emergency personnel headed your way immediately. The dispatcher will ask questions and determine what aid to send at that moment. First responders and police are trained to handle high-stress situations in the most efficient way possible and should swiftly assist you with any medical attention needed, redirect traffic to avoid additional auto accidents, and potentially determine who is at fault.

Get the Other Party’s Information

It can be hard to think clearly right after an accident, but you must make sure to get the other party’s information. This includes their full name, insurance company and policy numbers, registration information, license number, and the make and model of all vehicles involved in the accident.  You should also take note of any witnesses to the accident and obtain their contact information.  Your legal counsel for a car accident can speak with them and determine if they are beneficial to your case.  Additionally, taking photographs of the accident scene is critical, and can be extremely helpful down the road when your car accident attorney is negotiating with the insurance company, or if you end up in a law suit for your injuries you sustained in the auto accident.  Take photos of documents, license plates, and the damage to all vehicles involved.

All of this information is vital for your attorney during the claim process and will help you should the need arise to pursue a law suit against the responsible party.

Seek Medical Attention

If you need emergency care, any fire rescue department presenting to the scene can take you to the hospital.  Even if you do not feel immediate pain, you should still present to a medical provider the same day or the following day in order to be evaluated. Not only do some serious injuries, particularly those related to head, neck, and back trauma, not have obvious symptoms, but it’s also possible for your body and mind to go into shock in an attempt to shield you from pain and stress. Although you may feel fine after an accident, as a precaution, you should still seek a medical evaluation from your primary care physician. This is also an important step to take as it helps document the crash and any potential injuries arising from it.  A record of your treatment history will be evidence used to document your injuries.  If you are in pain, but you do not have any medical records to document your pain, you will not have any evidence to show that you were experiencing pain immediately after the accident.

Hire Legal Counsel

Auto accidents can be devastating in a variety of ways. Not only is the likelihood of serious and permanent injury high in these cases, but the expensive medical bills can quickly prove to be far too much to handle without appropriate legal guidance.  That’s why it’s important to reach out for help from Thompson Legal, P.A., an experienced personal injury law firm, early on in your case.  No time is too early, you can even contact us from the auto accident scene.  We will handle all aspects of the claim and litigation process, leaving your only concern to get treatment and focusing on your recovery.  We will fight to ensure that you receive the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries related to the auto accident.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to an automobile accident, we at Thompson Legal, P.A can help. Call to schedule a free consultation today (954) 510-3366 or fill out the Contact Form.

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