Things to Do When Your Rideshare is in an Accident

David Tellez
The rise in popularity of rideshare apps has made Floridians lives’ simpler while simultaneously creating a new legal playing field filled with obstacles. Accidents involving Uber, Lyft, and others have risen steadily over the past 5 years and, though numbers seem to be leveling off, it’s vital that passengers be aware of their rights when placed in such circumstances. It’s your responsibility to know the steps to take if you or someone you love is involved is in a rideshare collision and how to get the adequate representation to ensure you’re protected.

There are important guidelines to follow if your Uber or Lyft is in a crash similar to those of the common traffic wreck. Here’s a basic list of things to do if you happen to find yourself in this predicament.

1. Check yourself and those involved for injuries

First of all, examine whether you or anyone else is in need of emergency medical attention. If someone has any visible wounds, do not move them, instead call an ambulance immediately.

Some injuries may not be visible or you may not feel them immediately so it’s recommended that you see a medical provider for a post-accident checkup. It’s common for one’s adrenaline and pain-receptors to counterbalance any damage a body experiences so you may not necessarily know if you’re hemorrhaging internally or a disk in your spine has been herniated. It’s also not unusual to experience post-traumatic stress symptoms for a period following the affair.

2. Contact the authorities

Regardless of the level of damage or injury, it is essential to contact the police as soon as possible. Drivers and vehicles need to be inspected to assess their competency. Sobriety checks, automobile assessments, road evaluations, and various other things need to be scrutinized to discover who or what is at accountable.

Officers are also trained to be vigilant of unknown harm. If the Police recommends immediate medical attention, don’t hesitate to follow their instruction.

Also, have them give you a copy of the police report for your records.

3. Take photos

Photographs of the vehicles, streets, people, etc., will come in handy later when the adjusters begin their investigation. They will not be there so anything you can do to help them understand the circumstances will go far when seeking the outcome you desire.

4. Get the information of all the drivers and passengers

Although you may be stunned or dazed after an ordeal of this nature, it is key for you to catalog the information of all people involved if possible. Get the licenses of all the drivers, passengers, their contact information, their insurance information, etc. If someone is not able to give it to you for whatever reason, make sure their data is on the police report you received.

5. Get reports from witnesses or data from cameras

Oftentimes in an accident, there are observers present to help corroborate the truth. Try to acquire their testimonies and contact info in case they become necessary for the future.

Another thing to consider is traffic cameras and property surveillance video that possibly captured what occurred. Keep an eye out for anything that could have recorded the collision. Video footage and photographs are more accurate than eyewitnesses so their testament is far more relevant in case your claim happens to go to trial.

6. Keep all relevant documentation

When all this is done, store everything you have that pertains to the wreck in a safe location in an organized manner. If you misplace any information it will be useless during the inquiry making the entire exercise of obtaining it vain.

Keep it in some sort of systematized file for simple access if it ever becomes necessary.

7. Contact a qualified attorney

Last, it’s advised that you seek legal counsel as promptly as possible. Insurance as well as rideshare companies have lawyers and adjusters that help minimize any compensation to which you may be entitled.

Regardless of who or what is responsible, you are due recompense for any physical injuries, mental stress, and financial anxiety that may come as a result of your accident. Find representation that knows how to get a respectable settlement or is capable of taking the fight to court.

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