Experience Counts
Knowledge without practice is useless and nowhere is this more evident than in court. Successful attorneys are a unique combination of skill, understanding, and charm – used strategically with a little passion when the going gets gritty – and these can only come through practice.
Whether you choose to settle or go to trial, having a personal injury lawyer that knows where you want to go will help you get there sooner. Experience and a willingness to fight with skill are necessary for any attorney to be victorious for their client. A representative that knows their way around the legal world will increase your chances of winning as well as save you time, money, and stress.
Knowledge is power
An experienced attorney has a good understanding of personal injury law, especially as it applies to their case and client. A dentist would not perform brain surgery and a mechanic probably won’t be maintaining the Mars Rover any time soon, so your lawyer must specialize in getting victims paid. Defective products, car accidents, wrongful death, any form of negligence, your counsel must have a strong background that’s relevant to you.
Have your lawyer explain their game plan so you have some sense of what their strategy will be. Check out the outcomes of previous cases like yours and see if you like their results on other personal injury cases. A good representative may be able to predict something close to an outcome based on their experience.
The only source of knowledge is experience
After examining a personal injury case, your attorney should have a plan and a vision for how to execute it. At mediation, after filing suit, they’ll help you get the best settlement – take their advice on getting the most beneficial outcome. Things to consider are time, cost, chances you’ll get a favorable result, and more, but the most important thing may be getting your justice.
Depending on what you choose, experience will once again be the key to moving forward. The goal is to always keep the case moving to save you money, stress, and get the results you’re after.
Experience trumps knowledge
Many cases are settled prior to the filing of a lawsuit – but not all.
Litigators with a reputation for knowing their way around a courtroom and being aggressive when push comes to shove get the respect that leads to success prior to a lawsuit being filed. This is how personal injury settlements that are so beneficial to the plaintiff are arranged before litigation. A background as a fierce representative will make some insurance companies fold without ever throwing a punch.
But if suit is in fact filed, you need an aggressive litigator in your corner. One with a strategy behind their attacks, who is pro-active, active, and reactive. Legal maneuvers that are tried and trusted – preferably by them – are the way to victory. The importance of an articulate attorney that’s a skilled fighter and can deliver what you want can’t be stressed enough. This is a road they need to know like the back of their hand.
However, aggressiveness must not be confused with belligerence. Overly aggressive attorneys can cost you, just like a novice, so avoid “scorched earth” tactics. Our experience has revealed that better results are obtained when the adjuster for the insurance company likes the Plaintiff, or at a minimum does not dislike them.
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