Automobile Accidents are a rather common occurrence in South Florida, especially in Broward County. Statistics for 2017 released by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported more than 41, 000 automobile crashes that happened in Broward County. Automobile accidents generally happen in less than a second and can be a very traumatic experience that can result in very serious injuries. It is critical to wear a seatbelt every time you get inside your car because seat belts save lives during automobile accidents.  Here are several reasons why you should always wear one.


Seat belts result in fewer injuries and lessen the severity of injuries sustained in an accident. There is a reason why, when it comes to the law, wearing a seatbelt isn’t an option. Wearing a seatbelt during an accident can prevent the driver and passengers from hitting the windshield, being thrown or banged around the vehicle, and protecting them from making contact with something that can possibly cause them injury.  Assessing the way you’re wearing a seatbelt is also crucial, especially for pregnant women. The proper way to wear a seatbelt is for the lower portion of the belt to be resting on your lap and pressing your abdomen, not your belly. The shoulder portion of the seat belt should fit across your shoulder and chest, not under your arm or across your neck or face.


Airbags were created for the drivers’ protection and were designed to strike your upper chest and to ensure that you stay in place. If you’re not wearing a seatbelt, there’s a real possibility that you won’t be in the proper position to be in for the airbag to properly work when you need it to.  Failing to wear a seat belt could result in the airbag actually harming you rather than protecting you.

It’s the law.

Wearing a seat belt is required by law, and there are consequences that you will receive other than additional injuries if you don’t wear one. If you’re not wearing a seatbelt and a police officer sees you, he can pull you over and issue a citation, and you can face hundreds of dollars in fines.

If you aren’t wearing a seat belt in a collision, auto insurance might not cover your claim.

Even if the collision was not your fault, an insurance company might still decide not to cover your claim if you weren’t wearing your seatbelt, or to assign a portion of liability on you for not wearing your seatbelt. The reason the seatbelt law was put in place is to keep drivers and passengers safe and help prevent injuries. If you weren’t wearing your seatbelt, the auto insurance company may decide that the injuries in actuality, was your fault.

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