Although a dog may be “man’s best friend,” if you are attacked and bitten by another’s dog, you will likely incur substantial medical bills, experience pain and suffering, and may even have scarring or permanent damage to your body.  Depending on the circumstances of the attack, another individual may be responsible for your injuries and damages.  Contact the attorneys at Thompson Legal to obtain a legal consultation into your rights.

A dog’s companionship can be uniquely enriching; nothing matches the serotonin hit of cuddling with a puppy or the joy of running along forest trails with a husky. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that our furry best friends can turn aggressive and violent under stressful circumstances. But with some simple wisdom around canine behavior dog bites can be avoided – or easily treated if a situation goes awry.

Always ask an owner before reaching out to engage with a leashed dog to avoid a dog bit or dog attack. Every pooch has a unique history and some dogs are not ready to be approached by strangers.

If you meet a dog and the owner is absent play it safe and avoid engagement. If you intend on interacting with an unknown dog, slowly approach the front end and let the dog sniff and investigate both sides of your hands.  Unfortunately, children have tendency to approach a wagging tail, which is a bad idea as this may startle the dog.  It is a good idea to train your children in the best practices with dogs ahead of possible encounters.  Many cases involving dog bites and children involve dogs of friends and neighbor, which is one of the reasons why you want to go over precautions with children and how they should behave around dogs.

Luckily, signs of aggression are easily spotted in canines: we can clearly grasp the state of a dog that is growling, snarling, baring its teeth, or exhibiting other aggressive facial expressions. If a dog is clearly distressed, avoid eye contact as that may be construed as a sign of aggression.  You can also stand sideways which will reduce any impression of a challenge. If you’d like to leave the area, slowly walk away, definitely don’t run as this will surely result in the dog chasing you.

In the event that you are bitten by a dog, it can be traumatic.  However, if a bite has occurred, remember that swift and simple care can potentially eliminate any long-term repercussions. The major concerns with dog bites are infection, tetanus, and of course, rabies. The World Health Organization advises to wash the bite for a full 15 minutes right away, as this can greatly reduce the chance of infection – even reducing the chance of contracting rabies, if it’s present. But only a few cases of human rabies are reported each year, so this need not contribute to your immediate stress.

Wash the wound thoroughly with a healthy amount of soapy lather and then apply any common first-aid antibiotic cream if you have it. Wrap the wound in a sterile bandage, and be prepared to change the bandage often within the first 24 hours.

Dog bites are common, but some may be easily avoided with calm and sensible behavior. If you have an unfortunate encounter, contact Steve Thompson at Thompson Legal to discuss your case and your potential for recovery or your injuries against the at fault party.   Steve Thompson and Stephanie Taylor of Thompson Legal have experience with dog bite and animal attack cases and can handle your claim or file suit on your dog bite case if necessary.

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