Mortgage foreclosure filings have been rising steadily in South Florida in 2018 due Hurricane Irma’s impact from one year ago. According to Attom Data Solutions foreclosure filings jumped 23.6 percent in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the quarter before that. Attom Data Solutions tracks every property with a new foreclosure lawsuit, a notice of auction, or a repossession as a filing.  The Miami-Dade Clerk of Court Website shows and increase in foreclosure filings each month between January 2018 through June of 2018, and an increase again from July 2018 to August 2018 with August of 2018 having the 3rd most foreclosure filings for any month in 2018.  There are no signs of the increase in foreclosures slowing down.

Foreclosures in Florida have been consistently increasing at an alarming rate. Attom Data reported that one in every 1,180 housing units in Florida — a 35 percent increase year-after-year — was subject to a “lis pendens,” which is a court filing of a formal notice of a pending legal action which involves a property. Hurricane Irma isn’t the only factor which has contributed to the increase in foreclosure filings. Other factors, both financial and situational, can lead to foreclosure, including adjustable rate mortgages coming to term, unexpected medical expenses and illness, divorce, and an increase of consumer debt.  However, when faced with a foreclosure, it is extremely important to hire an attorney the moment you are served with a foreclosure lawsuit so that your rights can be defended.

The real estate litigation lawyers at Thompson legal P.A have helped thousands of people who have faced or are facing foreclosure. They help their clients understand the necessary steps to take so that they can save their properties and avoid a final judgement of foreclosure.  Thompson Legal P.A has potential solutions regardless of the stage of the foreclosure process that a homeowner might find themselves in. A foreclosure lawsuit is one of the most stressful things that an individual may experience.  When you buy a home, the last thing you are thinking about is having to defend against the bank trying to foreclose on it one day.  Thompson Legal P.A uses it’s experience and expertise in real estate litigation to defend foreclosures and resolve foreclosure lawsuits so that homeowners can keep their homes.

Steve Thompson, a real estate litigation attorney at Thompson legal P.A said, “If you are behind in payments but a foreclosure lawsuit has not yet been filed, it is not too early for us to start helping you solve your problem, for instance by attempting to obtain a loan modification or beginning the short sale process.  If foreclosure proceedings have commenced, you must fight the foreclosure, assert affirmative defenses, attempt to obtain a dismissal of the case, or defend the lawsuit and fight to obtain a verdict in your favor at trial.  At the same time as we are defending the case, we will continue to pursue your loss mitigation options. If you have trial around the corner, or if a final judgment has been entered against you, you still may be able to vacate the final judgment or pursue various loss-mitigation options in an effort to save your home, protect your credit, or limit the amount of money you owe under the final judgment.” There are many ways to potentially resolve a foreclosure and save your home, but you need the right attorneys by your side. That’s where Thompson Legal, P.A come in.  Thompson Legal, P.A. and its lawyers strive to meet each and every one of their clients’ needs and give them exceptional representation to obtain the best result possible.

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