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A life without any injury would be nothing short of an amazing stroke of luck. However, unfortunately, most of us come to suffer harm at some point – occasionally as a direct result of some else’s negligence.

Thankfully, the legal system provides a way for you to be made whole should be injured as the result of some one else’s negligence, by finding the negligent party responsible.

A civil lawsuit can help provide the support one needs when suffering the repercussions of an accident where liability exists on someone else. But how do you know if you can recover?

Thompson Legal can help guide you on what to do should you or a loved one suffer a personal injury as the result of someone else’s disregard.

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Our Representation Will
Exceed Your Expectations

It is imperative that my clients feel like their legal needs are being met, and that they are receiving exceptional and trustworthy representation, as well as personal communication from me.  When my clients return to me a second or third time, or refer a family or friend, I know that I’ve met their expectations.

I value each and every client relationship, whether it’s representing an injured individual against and insurance company, a medical provider against a PIP insurer, or a homeowner against a national bank.  I appreciate that my client’s case is never far from the front of their mind, and that their case can have long lasting and life-changing affects

Personal Injury

When you are injured, it can be a life altering experience.  There is nothing more important than getting back to the same physical condition you were in prior to your accident.  While your focus should be on your health, my focus will be on obtaining a recovery for you that is sufficient to fairly compensate you for your injuries.

The unfortunate truth is that the insurance companies don’t always treat people fairly when they are involved in an accident.  Their best interest is likely not aligned with yours, and they are not going to go out of their way to fairly evaluate your claim and compensate you accordingly.  Instead, they likely will seek to limit your recovery to as close to nothing as possible.  That’s why you need an attorney to fight on your behalf!

I have years of experience providing trustworthy and reliable representation to individuals injured as the result another person’s negligence.  My goal is to get the best recovery possible for you.

Meet Your Attorney

I provide dedicated and personal attention to my clients. I take the time to research your situation completely and bring about the most effective solutions with the goal of ensuring that you get the successful outcome you deserve. I am proud that so many of my clients have repeatedly returned to me for counsel and representation. I am determined to work hard to earn my clients loyalty every day, and I am here to help you succeed.

I treat each case with care and consideration. No issue is too big for me to explore, and no issue is too small if its important to my client. If you have a legal problem, I will turn over every stone to help you find a solution.

I represent both injured individuals and medical providers in personal injury and personal injury protection (PIP) litigation.  I am dedicated to protecting the rights and seeking compensation for individuals injured and not properly compensated by an insurance company, as well as seeking proper payment through PIP litigation on behalf of healthcare clinics, MRI companies, and other medical professionals who are improperly compensated, or not compensated at all, for the valuable medical treatment they have provided.


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